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Daytime Legend and Multi-Emmy Nominated Colleen Zenk joins Proper Manors

Proper Manors, the award-winning hit online drama from Creator Pietro D’Alessio and Head Writer Brandyn Cross, has secured As the World Turns veteran Actress Colleen Zenk for a limited-run storyline as matriarch of the the powerful Sicilian American Messina family. The show, currently available on, and Youtube, recently picked up for international distribution

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Performers at the Filmed in Utah Awards

At the Utah Music Awards we integrated musical performances with the program. It worked out so well we decided to do the same thing at the Filmed in Utah Awards. Here are the performers of the night. All performances are subject to change without notice.   Margie Chadburn Margie Chadburn is an American Singer-Songwriter and

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One Award Show Only

We have been listening and we have decided to make a change to the events on March 21st. Originally we had planned to split the award show to reduce the run time of the show. However, as we discussed this split with the nominees we found that everyone would prefer to keep all the nominees together

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8 Utah film pros you need to know

Utah is home to some incredible professionals in the film industry. Here are just 8 of some amazing individuals you should know if you want to have a successful career in film while working in the state.  Brittany Wiscombe (Writer/Producer) In the past 10 years Brittany Wiscombe has written and produced 9 feature films and one television

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By Pam Arts Incredible animation combined with live action makes Zerogon a breath-taking experience to watch. Co-directed and written by John Mattiuzzi and Joshua Planz, Zerogon features a single and lonely spider-like creature that seems to be the only bit of life in the world he inhabits. As he is slowly sucked into a world

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by Pam Arts “The thing is, we both knew how to swim… And I couldn’t.” Through images of memories, the story of Bilo’s sadness unfolds on the screen. We are with her as she goes through the marshy waters with her little brother. We see the fish, the streams around them; poignant moments of her father

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N6-4Q: Born Free

by Pam Arts Written and directed by Sasha Gransjean, N6-4Q: Born Free is a deeply thoughtful look at how we structure our lives and, most important, what have we learned and where do we go from here? Kyoto came to Los Angeles from Japan. He had bigger dreams but ended up running a pet fish

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Out Of Reach (Rain Night)

by Pam Arts For stunning artwork, both in cinematography, special effects, and fine art, Out of Reach stands alone. Directed by Pablo Diartinez and based upon poetry from the Album by Jorge Diaz, the story follows a sad and drunken poet through the rainy streets of Brussels. This short film moves through the pain and

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