Where to have your premiere

Your film is done! You were excited during pre-production, muscled through production, suffered through the post production and are now ready to screen your film to the cast and crew! But how are you going to do it? Well here are a few options. Let’s assume that you want to have your film shown in

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The Last Straw on DVD

Early this summer I was on the set of Rob Diamonds latest film “The Last Straw”. I had a great time interviewing the director and cast. “The Last Straw” is available on DVD right now! you can find out more HERE!  

7 Survival Tips for Sundance

1. Parking Three years ago I parked at a grocery store in park city during the Sundance film Festival and got towed. Only park in designated areas. The closer you get to Main Street in Park City, the more it will cost. I recommend parking in Kimball Junction and taking one of the free shuttles

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12 Til Dusk – Review by Pam Arts

Written and directed by J. Cameron Keenum, 12 Til Dusk is a compelling and modern “Western” that mixes gangsta and mafia cultures with the energy of an Old West saga. ‘Dusk” is an action/adventure story of bad-guy-goes-good-to-save-his-family and, against all odds, becomes a decent human being. My favorite character in the film is Shifty, played

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Crowdfunding to Build Independance

Last night I went to a workshop by Emily Best of Seed & Spark and hosted by UWIF to talk about the Crowd funding for Filmmakers. I thought I knew everything there was to know about crowd funding but Emily had some great insight and ideas I had not considered before. Seed & Spark: http://www.seedandspark.com/ Utah

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NIGHTBLIND: Beneath the Alien Plains

Saturday night I joined the cast and crew of “NIGHTBLIND: Beneath the Alien Plains” for a sneak preview of the short film before it starts making its way around the film festival circuit which hopefully includes the Filmed in Utah Awards. This short film has built a foundation for an action packed feature film which

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