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The annual Filmed in Utah awards honors the best films, series, music videos and commercials produced in Utah.

The Utah Music Awards was a huge success and will be back again next year to honor the best music produced in Utah.


By Pam Arts Beware.   They look like people   They are all around you.   Don’t look into their eyes.   The time is coming; the apocalypse is here.   Wyatt is besieged by warnings of an inhuman race that has taken over mankind. He receives phone calls in the night that warn him

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Getting your name in lights in DIAMOND TONGUES

By Pam Arts Wannabe actress, Edith Welland, shows her built up bitterness when her past boyfriend is cast as a lead in a film where Edith can’t even get a chance as an extra. Edith has broken up with her boyfriend so that she can “concentrate on her career”.   When she finds him immediately

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Slamdance travels ACROSS THE SEA

BY JOHN COBB I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, when it comes to film, story is king – or ought to be. Good news Story Buffs, ‘Across the Sea’ pays its taxes to that ye old forgotten monarch. True, it skimps out on a few payments here and there, but for the

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BATKID BEGINS at Slamdance

By John Cobb It’s a safe bet that most of America has, at one point, dreamed about dressing up like a bat and running around the streets catching robbers and people with face paint. It’s also safe to assume that next to no one has ever lived that dream – no one until now, that

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TREES WALK into park city

By John Cobb 2nd Prize winner of the Kathmandu International Mountain Film Festival, ‘Trees That Walk’ is a lovely film. With a surprisingly deep narrative, ‘Trees That Walk’ explores man’s relationship with trees and the important role they have had and continue to play for the human race. The real beauty however, is in the

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FEMALE PERVERT at the Slamdance Film Festival

Review by: Ryan Golding Female Pervert takes a look at the female psyche through the eyes of a single professional woman, Phoebe.  She is interested in the taboo and her cavalier attitude towards the strange makes for a fascinating character study.  Phoebe’s eccentricities are shown side by side with the strange unruly world she lives

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